Gold Plated & Bright Wedding Jewellery Collection by Outhouse Jewellery
Enchanted Rose Gold Pocket Brooch by Outhouse Jewellery



The extraordinary piece made with 22 carat rose gold plating is a symbol of nobility. Magnified by the generous use of iridescent Swarovski’s, carved stones in hues of ruby red this iconic statement resonates with the bold and dramatic Outhouse exuberance yet retains the essence of poised elegance.

Rose Gold Bridal Jewellery For Modern Day Outhouse Bride

State Of Shine

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22k Rose Gold Plating Half Hoops with Swarovski Crystals by Outhouse Jewellery



A luxury accessory par excellence, the Lophorina Open Choker is a flamboyant expression of adoration. The architectural design allows the opulent piece to be open into two hinged halves decorated with carefully handpicked luminous crystals. The two birds perched, as heads on the jewel are representative of the admiration and love of the modern day Outhouse Bride. Trellis shaped carvings intensely exotic display tenderness and reflects the soul of Outhouse Jewellery.

Luxury Designer Fanny & Petite Handbags for Women by Outhouse Jewellery

Delectable Indulgences

Luxury Enchanted Jewellery Collection by Outhouse Jewellery

Classics Reimagined

Kim Kardashian in Borla Legacy Ring by Outhouse Jewellery

Borla Legacy Ring
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 Kareena Kapoor Khan in Claw Ring by Outhouse Jewellery

Embrace Claw Ring
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Kareena Kapoor Khan
Sibley Scoles in Instar Hoops by Outhouse Jewellery

Instar Hoops
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Sibley Scoles
Cardi B Wear Icicle Black Studs by Outhouse Jewellery

Icicle black studs
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Cardi B

The millennial bride was sure that she needed to make this destination wedding a true 'Outhouse Experience' that hasn't been seen before. It entailed every detail from customised giveaways to bespoke jewellery, to tailor-made ensembles to colour coded decor, it was a wedding that truly cannot be More

In Kaabia's words, they are crazy, quirky, fun, cool and crazy in love, so what's a better way to celebrate this eccentricity than a carnival itself? Welcome to day two of the #KABANNG celebrations, where nothing is like you have ever seen More

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