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Liza Urla, a jewellery influencer and founder of the blog, Gemologue
reviews our Carousel choker as she cascades to Maldives for a vacation.

"This Carousel Choker from the Imago collection was just perfect for my trip to the Maldives. Tones of blue and green mimic the beautiful waters here and you know how much I love nature and butterflies.

It’s a dramatic and eye-catching piece that is fun and vibrant to echo my holiday spirit. I can feel the essence of these beautiful creatures, as they carousel around my neck."

-Liza Urla

"Packaging is always the first thing you see when buying jewellery, so it’s an important part of the experience. If it’s going to move you, it has to impress you.

The Carousel Choker with butterflies from Outhouse Jewellery comes in a feminine, pink and practical box that will serve to protect your purchase when you’re not wearing it. I found it was ideal for traveling too."

-Liza Urla
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