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Outhouse Jewellery Lookbook

The 2.0 Resort Bride Collection

Demystifying love for the woman that believes in the true union of souls, The 2.0 Tropical Bride symbolises support, love and loyalty. The Resort Bride collection encapsulates the essence and feel of fresh flower jewellery that’s adorned by a bride and urges you to believe in the power of positivity and eternal love. Adding an edge to destination weddings from a duo that personifies the beauty of a woman in her true element, here is a capsule collection that fuses new age eccentricity with graceful elements to offer the Outhouse bride pieces that define her feminine but multi-dimensional persona.


Jardin de Paradis Collection

The Outhouse bride is a vision of her own making; the pinnacle of style as she facilitates occasions with artisanal finesse in crystals, string of lustrous pearls and exceptionally sculptured carved stones, creating a vivid contradiction in a palette of jade greens, blood ruby tones and flamingo pinks. Enthralled, enchanted and enriched, our bride draws inspiration from the intemporelgarden of her imagination ‘Jardinde Paradis’; the exuberance of roses red and pink, majestic birds, a charismatic play of spectral colours and the intricate beauty of their wings.


The Wildflower Collection

A celebration of fluorescent emotions, this collection brings the free Boheme spirit to jewellery in a myriad of colours. We celebrate a spirited girl revelling in this festival of love, the jewellery speaks of celebration in fluorescent hues introduced in seemingly boundless flushes of colour. Each piece is handcrafted with an attention to detail and design. A celebration of love in the form of interwoven patterns and colours; all brought to reality in the hands of fine craftsmanship.


Imago Enchanted Collection

Inherently feminine, Imago Enchanted is a creative expression of metamorphosis. Fluid forms in gold and sparkling crystals give the collection a sense of whimsy while the neutral colour palette ensures versatility. We seek to immortalise the woman who is headstrong and independent. The transformative pieces in the collection are in sync with her myriad moods and personalities. Hand - crafted with crystals by Swarovski, each piece of Imago Enchanted has a story to tell. Like a butterfly, every piece of jewellery can transform through the day.


Bridal Collection

With 'Outhouse Bridal' we revere tradition, where each piece infuses quintessential Indian-ness with modern eccentricity. It's a world of dreams set in the grandeur of palaces, bohemian spirit of beaches, heritage of historical forts or the nautical flamboyance of cruises. These playful pieces complement a generation of designers creating bridal couture for our millennial bridal parties. While the flair for effortless, light weight yet luxurious is evident, the artisinal quality of the pieces makes them timeless, much like that "I do".


Imago SS ‘17 Collection

Outhouse introduces their collection titled ‘Imago’ which parallels a caterpillar’s transformation & metamorphosis into a butterfly with the change in psyche and growth in self consciousness that takes place within a human in their lifetime. It focuses on showcasing this story through cocoon and butterfly motifs handcrafted in metal, experimenting with 22kt rose gold & gunmetal plating.


The Stallion Necklet Collection

Symbolised as a creature of power, independence, and sensuality, the Stallion is an icon of the modern woman’s strong sense of self & her unapologetic femininity. Outhouse, known for its intricate, statement & innovative jewellery, introduced a new line, marrying the undeniable style appeal of the choker with a signature Outhouse take; The Stallion – Necklet Collection, a festive capsule celebrating the individuality of the Outhouse Woman.


Illusions Collection

Originating in the Surrealism Movement, ‘Illusions’ bridges the gap between reality and imagination. Dreamlike, magical and with an element of surprise, the collection untaps a wave of energy and experimentation with new techniques like intricate channel setting and new stones and materials like Blister Pearls, Pyrite, Shell Inlay, Black Onyx and Mohave Dalmatian.

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