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From shoulder grazers to pearl drop earrings, we at Outhouse take modern jewellery design to a whole new level when it comes to earrings. Think bridal, casual, fun, party wear, edgy or classic, our premium handmade creations suit every mood. With an innate love for all things ornate, Kaabia and Sasha constantly ideate on new ways to showcase crystals and semi-precious stones in a unique way. Their love for birds, flowers, evil eyes, Aztec prints, the old-world, art movements and more come together with high quality raw materials and in-depth research for each theme. Make a selection from an array of chandelier earrings encrusted with pearls, semi-precious stones, crystals, and more. If baroque is more your style, think half hoops, drop earrings, stud earrings and if OTT is your spirit animal, look no further, we at Outhouse Jewellery have your back with a wide selection of ear cascades, ear cuffs, oversized tassels and dusters that won't let you down.

Our start to finish process is all about depicting a mood in the most unconventional light. Enamelling, filigree, stone-cutting, fine metal casting are just a few techniques from the hundreds that we use. Our idea has always been to liberate the contemporary consumer with pieces that add that much needed oomph to any ensemble. So don't think further, scroll down and find a pair of earrings that screams you.

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