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Aptly described as the crowning glory for your neck, a premium necklace has endless possibilities. Short, long or layered, you can never have enough! Our founders Kaabia and Sasha Grewal have been jewellery enthusiasts for as long as we can remember and they understand the importance of owning all kinds of them, who knows what will go with what right? From beaded necklaces to designer long tassel pieces, we have everything you can imagine all under one roof. What works best is starting with what you are missing in your luxury jewellery collection currently, start with that and then build on it.

Currently, we are obsessing over designs that hug the neck, be it designer chokers, tied necklaces, wrap necklaces, all of which sit close and enhance the length of your cervix. For those looking for something more dramatic, we have plenty of modern variations of the traditional satlada. Conventionally they house seven layers with a pendant on each end, we have given these a new twist with our unique treatment of stones, beads, materials and designs. We are in love with the Multilayer Majesty Necklace which features nine layers all tied together with a central line that has freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals and zircons. If you need something simple that you can be done on a daily basis, we definitely suggest the Dramacha Coin Pendant. Inspired by the ancient Greek currency called 'Dramacha' this 22k gold plated pendant is suspended from a delicate chain and is completely customisable. We love the idea of adding a significant date, your initials, your loved one's date of birth!

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