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The Rajasthani ‘Borla’ or Bor, has been a proud symbol of marriage since time immemorial and is still prevalent as a bridal jewel possessing a strong visual identity. The beautiful motif caught our fascination while working on Outhouse Bridal Jewellery. The challenge was to create something modern while keeping the essence of the Borla alive. The designer Kaabia and Sasha worked on the traditional silhouette, reengineering it with a dream like feathers, to create a whimsical jeweled experience for the woman who chooses to wear it

The collection beautifully captures the magnetism of bygone eras, while still representing the quintessential Outhouse design language – eccentric yet elegant. Each piece is different from the other, creating a different look for every occasion.

17 Item(s)

17 Item(s)

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