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Taking a look back into time where the true sense of grandiose was meticulous craftsmanship, intricate artistic motifs and the allure of technique, this millennial destination bride walks forth in all her innocent regality. The season that regales with famed tales of love, the feeling of unequivocal joy clinches together this precious moment for our 2.0 destination Outhouse bride.

The jewellery swathed around this Magnifique bride is thoughtfully articulated, as was the romanticism of art in luxurious mirages engineered by dreamers and storytellers of the bygone era. Borne out of love, just as those masterpieces cosseted on momentous occasions, these modern heirlooms envision the peculiar vintage flora and fauna into classic bejewelled trellises. The Luxury Bridal Jewellery collection marks the debut of Outhouse Bridal Couture – a range of innovative pieces like the gallis and garters have been re-engineered into jewelled wearable pieces of art. The truly exceptional and iconic ear comb ear cuffs have been reintroduced with an alluring dose of passion. The arrival of style manifests as she walks in her finery of jewelled crowns, designer hand harnesses and majestically tiered necklaces garnished with splendid etchings. From robust statement chokers to accents of rings and far from quotidian headdresses jewellery, these hypnotic compositions are the confluence of classic opulence with the sophistication that is tastefully unique.

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