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Enlace Collection

"In this season of celebration, when love binds us together and the warmth is contagious, there is something special about the jewellery we wear, the joy of opening a blush pink box to discover the ecstatic feeling of wearing Outhouse Jewellery for a memory unforgettable"

A celebration of love, the true sense of the phrase, Outhouse Enlace- a hallmark of ardour and joy. Subtly inspired by the moods and feelings evoked by the celebration of love, marriages, the Enlace Jewellery collection showcases versatility in rich hues of rose gold and clear crystals, composed delicately in a weave with fresh pearls. The weave is symbolic of an eternal bond, not only between the people entering into the sacred union but the many interconnected relations of love between bridesmaids, friends and family. Like a tessellation, the ornate mesh is grand and majestic, lending itself to both the bride and bridal parties with something for every occasion leading up to the special day.

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