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A celebration of fluorescent emotions, our designer Wildflower Collection brings the free Boheme spirit to jewellery in a myriad of wild colours. Tassels interwoven in bewitching tones thread together a story walked through the life of a flower-child, one who finds beauty even in the frayed corners of the world. The narrative conjures the jewelled silhouettes with a certain architectural beauty drawn from indigenous Peruvian culture and the famous Andean crafts that comes through in an assortment of textures and design, drawing attention to the vibrant macramé hand-woven into Aztec patterns with a bit of magic.

Revisiting traditions old and new in silhouettes infused with contemporary art, the adornments vary from headpieces, fringed stud earrings and long tassel earrings, two finger rings, to floral hand-harnesses and necklaces suspended by delicate chains of pearls; all reflecting a combination of unique crafts induced with fine artisanal jewellery. The pieces see detailed finishing of sparkling star charms and delicate dual toned blue enamelled bell charms that add the characteristic Outhouse charm. The handcrafted jewellery with it’s playful, fresh hues and light-hearted character, the designer jewellery can be worn with traditional as well as contemporary wardrobes, infusing the spirit and wild colours that one sees with lively and buoyant dispositions to brighten ensembles

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