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Men's Jewellery

Why should girls have all the fun? We at Outhouse are equally excited about dressing up the dandy man. Whilst we have paid attention to dressing up the Outhouse Woman for over 5 years, we couldn't help but wonder what about her man? For the first time, say hello to Outhouse Man.

Our handcrafted expertise with OH Bridal and OH Couture, this collection adds the much needed dash of flair and royalty to any ensemble—be it formal or casual. The pieces revolve around an upbeat narrative with a fierce twist. Elements reminiscing from early civilizations, each piece acts as a tool of self expression. Aptly adorned by the groom himself, these creations feature rare carved stones in hues of jade green, blood ruby, rose quartz, regal emerald and luminous crystals embedded in age-old techniques re-engineered for the modern day man. Pertaining to many personalities, take a flight through the Outhouse Man collection to find your own.

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

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