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Kaabia Sasha’s Picks

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  1. Edens Bohemian open choker

    A unique twist to an open choker, familiar in Outhouse designs this boho choker fashions luxury with playfull demeanors. The 22k gold plated choker features a collar carved with florals enamelled in pink and blue with mirror work, and a mesmerising and exquisitely feminine detailing of minute bell charms enamelled in dual tones. The front ends suspend a long delicate chain sporting enamelled florals at intervals and tassels at the hem. This diversely contemporary peice can be styled with contemporary outfits as well as traditonal with wider knecks so as to show off its spectacularly unique design. Learn More
  2. Faith & flower  String Necklace 

    A beautifully handcrafted string necklace handcrafted with precision and care, this bohemian necklace features carefully beaded rows of luminescent pearls in layers starting from the neck to the mid riff. The necklace conjured a bohemian vibe with it's enamelled pink flowers with mirror work and pink wool tassels running down at the centre. This 22k gold plated necklace can be worn for day wear occassions or to add a little light to nighttime events. Learn More
  3. Lilac Spell Shouldergrazers 

    The enchanting lilac earrings, weave a bit of magic with the cluster of flowers. An intricate link up of enamelled flowers studded with mirrorwork, surrounding the macrame heart . The earrings take the traditional jhumka silhouette to a spellbinding turn with lilac silk tassels, and gold plated star charms. Learn More
  4. Pride Hoops

    Celebration and joy come together with these 22k gold plated and enamelled dimensional hearts linked together in rainbow colours. As the name suggests, we celebrate the freedom to love and live with this fun, quirky pair of hoops.Carrying the pop vibe in bright colours, the hoops are light and easy to pair with even your casual tshirt and jeans if not a cute summer dress.  Learn More
  5. Latin Lime Shoulder Grazers 

    The 22k plated shoulder grazers in lime yellow and neon pink top tassels link together a handwoven Aztec pattern in multicoloured macrame bordering enamelled lime hearts. The earrings river down to free-flowing macrame tassels and thin gold plated chain links suspending delicate blue dual toned bell charms. This vibrant pair is all out boho with fine details, perfect to pair with any outfit on a day out.  Learn More
  6. Aztec Fringe Earrings 

    A magnificent and handcrafted pair travelling through different cultures, the 22k gold plated earrings feature unique evil-eye posts wedged between open rings with enamelled hearts on both ends. An inverted pyramid of woven macrame in deep orange and indigo rivets down to cobalt and powder blue enamelled flower,encased with mirror work sets the beat of the Outhouse tribe. The pair ends with a flash of neon orange wool tassels, a fine nuance to the earring which can be worn from day-to-night. For a bold and edgy style, pair them with geometric and minimal ensembles.  Learn More
  7. Marigold Fantasy Earrings

    A statement earring that looks like a celebration in itself. this chandelier style earring swinging from beaded strings of coral pink, and enamelled link of hearts in powder pink & blue with mirror work is a vision to behold. With a combination of tangerine handwoven macrame into hearts, and detailings of enamelled pink florals and hand enamelled bell and heart charms at the hem, lend a delicate and utterly feminine charm to the piece. A statement making piece like this one adds a unique and fashionable character to occassionwear. Learn More
  8. Lover's Labyrinth Earrings

    These quirky 22k gold plated danglers with pop pink wool tassels surrounding enamelled florals with mirror work and floral charms suspending tiny enamelled bell charms makes a desirable and girlishly feminine option to add to your ensemble. The earring can be paired with a variety of pop coloured ensembles, coordinating with the enamelled rainbow tones in the large concentric heart shaped hoops.  Learn More
  9. Neon Aztec Moon Earrings 

    These crescent shaped 22k gold plated earrings feature handwoven aztec patterns in macrame, and neon cherry pink silk tassels that are layered with enamelled heart patterns, lending a pop meets bohemian feel to it. The uniquely designed earrings with it's cobalt handwoven macrame details and enamelled heart and tiny dual toned bell charms finish the intricate detailing making the earring one of its kind with a boho-luxe look. Pair this diverse and intricate earring with flowy silhouettes in traditional or casual western styles. Learn More
  10. Pearl Gush Ring

    Elegant, Edgy and Exquisite, our pearl gush ring is the perfect blend of timeless style and modern elegance. Handcrafted with 22 carat rose gold plating, It features luminous pearls encapsulated in a gush of sparkling crystal baguettes that crosses each other to appear as though its floating across the fingers. Intricate and ornate, It is adjustable, and so will fit most sizes with gentle manipulation. Learn More


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