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Charms & Symbolism

"The Wildflower" epitomizes the highly symbolic return to modern bohemia. Disguised and imbued as secret symbols of love, strength and protection the evil eyes, wild hearts and scintillating stars are an elaborate display of commemorative jewels.

The Evil Eye

The Wildflower” uses evil eyes as metaphors

to secretly safeguard the free spirit, security

and whimsically independent nature of the

eclectic young Bohemian. Expressed through

the playful yet sophisticated hues of intense

blue, each couture jewel has been masterfully

adorned with special powers of protection

and positivity.

Scintillating Star


Representing the mother of all charms, the starry skies of bohemian love have been mirrored using the hypnotic “Scintillating Star” charm that shines with all its might. Identified as a symbol of immortality, theprofoundly powerful charm of illumination preserves the free Boheme spirit of the Outhouse flower child.

Wild Hearts

"Wild Hearts" encapsulates one of the many

sensations distilled in the free spirited

 bohemian - wild romance. The effervescent

charm fills the heart of "The Wildflower" with

immeasurable pleasure. Elixir of her euphoric

existence, the enameled symbol of love is a

testament to the technical expertise and

workmanship used to portray Outhouse's


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