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Outhouse unveils Outhouse Bridals, jewellery as unique and radiant as you, brilliantly capturing the passion and promise of pure love. This line is for a bride who is creative, spunky bon vivant, just like our Outhouse women, and now we call her the Outhouse Bride.

  "We have worked on the concept of traditional wedding jewellery, reengineering it with dream like feathers and crystals, adding versatility with changeable elements, to create a whimsical jewelled experience for the woman who choses to wear it. These dream like pieces complement a generation of designers creating bridal couture for our millenial brides & bridals parties. While the flair for effortless, light weight yet luxurious is evident, the artisinal quality of the pieces make them timeless, much like that "I do"."


Outhouse Founders

Ideosynacratic, yet rooted in tradition- She's creative, experimental and feminine, a true Outhouse Woman. Embodying elegance, with a strong sense of self, she's embibes generation of heritage with contemporary freedom.


The crafting of jewellery is a fine art in itself, where the fineness and ingenuityof the craftsman, as well as the fidelity to the craft play dominant roles. It's about the minute details that might not even notice at the first glance-it's about the well kept secretsthat make it classic.

Handcrafted in our studio by skilled smiths, the collection offers a wide range of pieces from light to statement and versatile and has something for every taste to make the occasion even more special.

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